Health Professions Academy

Research Internships

The HPA will work with scholars interested in research to identify and apply for basic, clinical or applied research internship opportunities. The HPA advisors and staff will help the scholar determine areas of scholarly focus in which they have great interest, and perhaps unique skills or life experiences, that are well suited for specific areas or topic of research. The goal is to match interested scholars with a research experience that makes a meaningful contribution to their professional development.

-HPA scholars have independently identified activities through the school year (a stipend is provided).

-Two HPA scholars applied for and will participate in the INSIGHT – Harborview Injury Prevention & Research Center’s Program in Summer of 2018.

HPA Research Advisor:  Dr. Bill Mahoney

Dr. Bill Mahoney assists HPA in adivisng and mentoring scholars in research.  Please use the below link to email Dr. Mahoney directly

Click here –> to email Dr. Mahoney