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Victoria Gardner, Ed.D.

Victoria Gardner, Ed.D. leads the Center for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion as its acting Chief Diversity Officer, in its mission to increase workforce diversity for the UW School of Medicine. In addition to increasing diversity within the School, CEDI works on developing and integrating multicultural content into the medical school curriculum, improving the climate for diversity, and finds ways to engage with the community (both regional, tribal, and local) so we can address disparities in health and education in collaborative way. Her role is to establish linkages across UW Medicine, develop strategic partnerships with our key stakeholders, and work with Department heads and chairs to create an environment of diversity, excellence and inclusion. Dr. Gardner has a Doctorate in Educational Leadership in Higher Education from the University of Washington. Dr. Gardners academic interests include cultural proficiency, professional development and inclusive teaching practices. Advancing knowledge and diversity in the biomedical sciences and academic medicine; Assuring that access to education and training is open to learners from all segments of society, acknowledging a particular responsibility to the diverse populations within our region.

Amen Tsegai, M.A.

Amen Tsegai is the project manager for institutional climate and culture for the Center for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (CEDI) at the UWSOM. She is responsible for the design, development and implementation of the annual needs assessment reporting, diversity training for faculty and staff and the Continuous diversity improvement program. Amen works closely with senior leadership in the School of Medicine (SoM) in all 30 SoM Departments, the 30+ Deans office programs and operational units and the across educational and training programs including Graduate Medical Education - residents and fellows (GME), Medical School and other educational student programs. Additionally she oversees the coordination of activities with UW central offices including HR and Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action offices to coordinate materials and activities. Amen has worked for UWSOM since 2002 and has a Masters Degree from San Francisco State University. Her office is in A-300 suite and can be reached at amen2@uw.edu .

Dan Olson, M.S.

Dan Olson is the Research Analyst for the Center for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (CEDI) at the UWSOM. He works with CEDI staff and various School of Medicine Departments and Deans office operational units to design and coordinate data collection, define and track metrics and other research analysis consistent with fulfilling the CEDI mission. Dan assists in identification and development of measurable objectives and designing a system to evaluate projects and programs. Additionally he manages collection of input, process and outcome data. He also manages and maintains the CEDI website. Dan has worked for UWSOM since 1992, and holds a Masters of Science from Michigan State University. His office is T559 and can be reached at dolson@uw.edu .

Brett Ramey, M.A.

Brett Ramey is the Director for Community Engagement and Development with the Center for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (CEDI). He is responsible for strengthening community partnerships and facilitating outreach efforts with underrepresented and underserved communities in Western Washington and throughout the WWAMI region. This includes providing leadership and expertise as a primary program designer and liaison between WWAMI communities and CEDI related to service learning development, regional diversity and inclusion initiatives, Tribal partnerships and enhancing preceptorship and clerkship opportunities within the CEDI Pathways. Before joining CEDI Brett worked as a Tribal Health Liaison with the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Kansas Medical Center. His work focused on health promotion in urban and reservation-based Native American communities in Northeast Kansas, often through working to increase access to traditional Indigenous foods and medicines as a complimentary cancer prevention and treatment strategy. He can be reached at: bramey4@uw.edu

NormaAlicia Pino, M.A.

NormaAlicia is the director for Multicultural Education for the Center for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (CEDI). She oversees courses offered through CEDI such as the Indian Health Issues course, the African American Health and Health Disparities course, as well as the Hispanic Health and Health Disparities course. NormaAlicia also coordinates the certification of students in the Indian Health Pathway and the Hispanic/Latino Health Pathway. Norma Alicia is new to this position and is looking forward to meeting and working with students, faculty, staff and community partners involved in cultivating and sustaining a vibrant learning community for the UW School of Medicine and surrounding community. NormaAlicia has served as director of First Peoples Advising Services at The Evergreen State College for the past 6 years and is faculty at Northwest Indian College. Her Masterís degree is in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College in California. NormaAlicia was born and raised in rural southern California and is from Purpecha, Concaac and Guaricuru heritage. Please drop by and visit NormaAlicia. You can find her in the A-300 suite and can be reached at pinon@uw.edu.

Pam Racansky, M.A

Pam(ela) Racansky is a Director for Workforce Development which is housed in the Center for Equity Diversity and Inclusion. Coloborate with Faculty, Residents and Medical Students to have a more inclusive environment and provide support services. She supports the CMFA, NURF, and CEDI student organizations. Workforce Development focuses to help expand the pool of healthcare providers from underserved population by advancing knowledge, support systems, and assuming leadership in medicine. She directs the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program and works with residents, faculty and admissions to support their goals. † Pam holds a Masters in Medical Anthropology from Oregon State University and hails from Chicago. She is a member of the LGBTQ community and advocate. She believes you have to learn from the past to understand the present, and is passionate about educating on medical apartheid and her Bohemian ancestry. She is located in the A-300 suite and can be reached at racansky@uw.edu

Felicity Abeyta, B.A.

Felicita (Felicity) Abeyta-Hendrix is a Program Coordinator for Workforce Development which is housed in the Center for Equity Diversity and Inclusion. She supports the Workforce Development Manager by collaborating with current medical students and student organizations on conferences and outreach activities with K-12 and Undergraduate students. Workforce Development also includes further developing pipeline programs, such as the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program, and working with residents, faculty and admissions to support their goals and leadership development. † Felicity is Mexican American hailing from Ohio with roots in Arizona, and she holds a Masters in Social Work from the University of Washington. Felicity is here to support you on gaining skills on cultural responsive care to patients, your medical school experience and career goals. She is located in the A-300 suite and can be reached at fabeyta@uw.edu

Milu Worku

Milu Worku serves as the program assistant for the Center for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (CEDI). Her responsibilities include providing administrative support to the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) as well as assisting CEDI staff and student organizations with the facilitation of events and travel. Milu has been with CEDI since 2012 and is a University of Washington Alumni 'll. Prior to her time with CEDI she worked with the School of Dentistry as an AmeriCorps VISTA where she worked on service learning projects outreach. She is located in the A-300 suite and can be reached at mworku@uw.edu .

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