CEDI Pathways And Courses

The Center for Health Equity Diversity and Inclusion (CEDI) offers three pathways designed to prepare students for careers serving patients from diverse backgrounds.  The Indian Health Pathway (IHP), Hispanic Health Pathway (HHP) and the LGBTQ Health Pathway (LGBTQ HP) prepare students to work with American Indian/Alaska Native, Hispanic/Latino and LGBTQ patients. The pathways unite students from across health sciences disciplines to pursue their interest and develop knowledge and skills specifically tailored to working with these populations. Each pathway allows medical students to organize their courses, clinical rotations and service opportunities around each community as well as to explore career interests with mentorship from faculty, staff and community providers and partners who share those interests.

Completion of a pathway is recognized in medical students’ Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) and with a certificate at graduation.

In addition to the HHP, IHP and LGBTQ Health Pathways, the UW School of Medicine also offers pathways on Global Health and Underserved Populations.


The Indian Health Pathway (IHP)

The Indian Health Pathway was the first Pathway created at UW School of Medicine by Dr. Walt Hollow (Assiniboine-Sioux), the first Native American to graduate from the medical school. Dr. Hollow established IHP in 1992 to provide a unique educational experience for medical students to learn how to provide culturally proficient care for American Indian/Alaska Native patients and communities in urban and rural settings. Visit the IHP website for more information.







The Hispanic Health Pathway (HHP)

The Hispanic community is one of the most underserved minority groups in WWAMI region and across the U.S. The Hispanic Health Pathway (HHP) was developed to provide medical students at the University of Washington with the necessary training and experiences to make them competent practitioners in urban and rural Hispanic communities. Visit the HHP website for more information.






The LGBTQ Health Pathway (LGBTQ HP)

The goal of the LGBTQ Health Pathway is to provide a number of educational opportunities and experiences to medical students that will better prepare them to provide culturally responsive care for the LGBTQ population. Visit the LGBTQ website for more information.


CEDI Sponsored Courses

UCONJ 530 Indian Health Issues – Course Instructor: Jordan Lewis, PhD, MSW
MED 557 Hispanic Health & Healthcare Disparities – Course Instructor: Rudy Rodriguez, MD
FAMED 561 LGBTQ Health & Healthcare Disparities – Course Instructor: Kevin Wang, MD
CONJ 570 – Clinical Management of the Transgender Patient – Course Instructor: Roberta Dalley, MD
FAMED 556 – Spanish for Health Care Providers – Course Instructor: Hilda Mena, MD
For information on these courses please contact NormaAlicia Pino, MA at pinon@uw.edu