CEDI Search Committee Toolkit

New hiring provides the opportunity to hire faculty who are committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion. CEDI has developed a toolkit for search committees and departments in the UWSOM based on best/effective practices in search, selection, promotion and retention of diverse faculty. You will find information about best practices and examples of resources to increase faculty diversity from various sources. Many of the materials were developed through the National Science Foundation ADVANCE programs at UW and universities across the country.


CEDI Search Committee Presentation 7 2017

Guidelines for Interview Questions

UCSF guidelines for interview questions 1_2014

CEDI Search Committee Presentation: audio presentation (coming soon)

Presentation User Guide: pdf

University of Michigan Diversity Handbook

This is a comprehensive handbook on faculty searches and hiring developed through the National Science Foundation ADVANCE program.

University of Michigan Diversity Handbook Table of Contents pdf

University of Michigan Diversity Handbook pdf

University of Washington Faculty Recruitment and Hiring


General Search Tips


UW ADVANCE Best Practices Checklist

Bias in Hiring

Bias Brochure pdf

Avoiding Bias in letters of Recommendation

Detecting Bias in Letters of Recommendation: This article helps the reader understand the manifestation of bias and detect bias in letters of recommendation in academic medicine.

Trix, F. & Psenka, C., 2003, Exploring The Color Of Glass: Letters of Recommendation For Female and Male Medical Faculty, Discourse & Society, 14 (2), 191-220

Trix, 2003 pdf

Example Candidate Evaluation Tool

Example Candidate Evaluation Tool pdf

UW Supplemental Funding

University of Washington Faculty Recruitment Initiative, Office for Faculty Advancement provides supplemental funding for departments to “contribute to the recruitment of faculty whose research, teaching, mentoring, and/or service interests focus on expanding and enriching traditional disciplinary boundaries”. Assessment of diversity activities is gleaned from the CV, not based upon the person’s background.

Faculty Recruitment Initiative pdf


Job Posting

The Greater Washington State Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (GWS HERC) University of Washington and collaborators (i.e. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center) have formed a new collaborative effort to help institutions recruit diverse faculty and staff and assist dual-career couples seeking employment throughout the state”.


AAMC Resources

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) is an excellent resource to access resources to increase diversity in schools of medicine.  AAMC features a strategic planning guide, information to assess diversity climate,  a Roadmap to Diversity: integrating  Holistic Review Practices into Medical School Admissions Process,  the Facts and Figures Data Series, and much more.



AAMC Leadership Lesson: Searching for Diversity: A Discussion of Effective Academic Medical Search Committees