Hiring and Retention

The University of Washington Recognizes the Value of Diversity and Inclusion. The faculty code was amended in 2013 to attract and retain a diverse workforce by valuing the work of diversity and inclusion in the hiring and promotion process.



University of Washington Faculty Code: Chapter 24

The following statement may be added to UWSOM Department Faculty Appointments and Promotions documents. Contributions in scholarship and research, teaching, and service that address diversity and equal opportunity are assessed by review of the candidate’s CV.

“In accord with the University’s expressed commitment to excellence and equity, contributions in scholarship and research, teaching, and service that address diversity and equal opportunity may be included among the professional and scholarly qualifications for appointment and promotion outlined below.”


Section 24-32. Scholarly and Professional Qualifications of Faculty Members  (2013)

http://www.washington.edu/admin/rules/policies/FCG/FCCH24.html – 2432


Search Commitee Training

UW Resolution Class C 9 Bulletin No. 525  (January, 2015)

The University of Washington now requires that all faculty search committees receive training in equity, access, and inclusion.

UW faculty senate approved the following resolution: “BE IT RESOLVED that all University of Washington faculty search committees be given a mandate and adequate resources to participate in some form of Equity, Access, and Inclusion training developed in collaboration with the Office for Faculty Advancement that informs participants on best practices regarding faculty candidate outreach, assessment, recruitment and retention

“BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that all UW unit heads are accountable to University leadership for making improvements in the area of faculty diversity by reporting unit participation in “Equity, Access and Inclusion Hiring” training efforts as well as reporting diversity hiring activities and outcomes”


Washington State Initiative 200

UW Impact of Initiative 200 on Recruitment pdf