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Instructional Services

CELT instructional services are tailored to the specific needs of engineering faculty. Our instructional consultants build on current research to offer a diverse set of instructional development opportunities.

One-to-one consultations
are provided on a voluntary and confidential basis to any engineering faculty member.

Formative Classroom Assessments
are designed to gather the data necessary for teachers to make targeted teaching or course improvements.

Faculty Workshops
are developed to meet the particular needs of engineering faculty groups.

Classroom Presentations
are offered on important topics in engineering, e.g., Understanding Design Processes, Working in Teams, and Life-Long learning.

Education Resources and Expertise
are available to faculty and staff working on department or college level improvement initiatives.

Confidential conversations between instructional consultants and individual instructors are the heart of our instructional development program. Through these conversations we collaboratively address both short and long term teaching concerns.

Instructors often need additional data for determining exactly where to make instructional improvements. We offer a wide range of classroom assessment techniques including classroom observations, student surveys, and student interviews and focus groups. We then work closely with instructors to triangulate our data with end-of-quarter student ratings, learning assessments, and most importantly, the instructor's own perceptions.

Departmental colleagues often share similar teaching concerns and interests that become the focus of our faculty workshops, which we can follow up with supplementary resources and advice, thus promoting teaching effectiveness in the College of Engineering.

We also do guest classroom presentations in engineering classrooms. We collaborate with instructors to improve their students' knowledge of engineering design processes, teamwork dynamics, and other topics that draw from CELT's internationally recognized research in engineering education.

Faculty and staff benefit from CELT's expertise when working on curriculum and education policy initiatives.

For questions and additional information regarding services and resources, please contact Jim Borgford-Parnell at bparnell@u.washington.edu or (206) 221-2633.

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