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If you would like more information on how to set up a workshop, seminar, or other presentation with CELT, please contact Assistant Director Jim Borgford-Parnell at bparnell@u.washington.edu.

Faculty Workshops

CELT Workshops are important components in a system of instructional development. Workshops by themselves are significant for introducing new ideas and methods, for fostering interest, and for motivating faculty to action. Workshops can be especially helpful when participants are able to follow up with an instructional consultant who can help them with their specific projects and interests in order to build on workshop topics.

Faculty Workshops are developed to meet the needs of faculty in engineering disciplines. These workshops are often collaborations between CELT and engineering faculty.

Workshops are tailored to the specific needs of faculty and can be designed in a variety of topics, formats, and lengths that best promote teaching effectiveness in the UW College of Engineering.

In addition to the workshops developed by CELT personnel, we periodically sponsor scholarly presentations on particularly important and timely topics. These sponsored presentations often take the form of workshops, brown-bag seminars, and other fora.

The following lists some of the workshops given by CELT personnel. Links to slide presentations and handout materials are included with several of these workshops. You are welcome to download and use the linked materials. Please use proper attributions.

Teaching and Assessing Lifelong Learning
Date initially offered: August 2006

The objective of this workshop was to demonstrate for engineering faculty how ABET program learning outcomes (in this case, lifelong learning) can be linked to course learning objectives and teaching methods. [slides.pdf] [slides.ppt] [handouts]

A Pedagogy of Larger Concerns: Conceptions Underlying Effective Teaching in a Research-Intensive University
Date initially offered: September 2007

This workshop discussed conceptions of teaching, citing research into what effective teachers find important. Dimensions of ideal outcomes, global conceptions of teaching, and findings and conclusions drawn from the research were also presented and discussed.

Choosing the Source of Personal Teaching Principles
Date initially offered: October 2007

The goal of this workshop was to introduce faculty to reflective scholarly teaching to examine the bases of their current teaching practices and to connect their pedagogical decision-making to good, solid teaching research. [slides.pdf] [slides.ppt] [handouts]

Applying Research from How People Learn to Engineering Classrooms
Date initially offered: November 2007

This workshop focused on the three key findings in the NRCís report ďHow People Learn.Ē Application of those findings in engineering classrooms was discussed. [slides.pdf] [slides.ppt] [handouts]

Bringing Design Research into Engineering Classrooms
Date initially offered: April 2008

This workshop discussed CELT research into design processes, characterizing how engineering students and practicing professionals solve engineering design problems. This research is applied to current approaches in engineering design instruction to ultimately develop and evaluate instruction to enhance the learning of engineering design. [slides.pdf] [slides.ppt] [handouts]

Creating Effective Small Group Learning
Date initially offered: September 2008

This workshop provided an overview of the types, benefits, and key elements of Small Group Learning for implementation in the classroom. Techniques for group selection, task design, problem identification, and assessment were also discussed. [slides.pdf] [slides.ppt] [handouts]

Objectives-Based Assessment and Grading
Date initially offered: November 2008

The goal of this workshop was to strongly link learning assessments to learning objectives. Topics such as backward course design, Bloomís taxonomy of cognitive objectives, writing clear, observable learning objectives, and assessment techniques are addressed. [slides.pdf] [slides.ppt] [handouts]

Applying Design Research Findings in Engineering Classrooms
Date initially offered: April 2008

Design has long been considered a central activity of engineering. The goal of this workshop was to provide engineering educators with a look at CELTís design process research and collaboratively discuss implications for the classroom. This research is applied to current approaches in engineering design instruction to ultimately develop and evaluate instruction to enhance the learning of engineering design. [slides.pdf] [slides.ppt] [handouts]

Traveling the Engineering Studentís Highway
Date initially offered: April 2009

The intent of this workshop was to use findings from the CAEE Academic Pathways Study (APS) to highlight teaching problems and issues for the UW College of Engineering and to use those findings to generate discussions on how to address those problems and issues.

CELT Sponsored Fora

Periodically CELT invites scholars to present on particularly important, timely topics. These presentations often take the form of workshops, brown-bag seminars, and other fora.

Sponsored presentations feature leaders from academia and industry to discuss topics of importance to the engineering disciplines. These presentations come in a variety of formats and lengths to best promote teaching effectiveness in the UW College of Engineering.

The following lists some of the presentations sponsored by CELT:

Making the Transition to Problem-Based Learning
Date: January 2009
Presenter: Michael Prince
Problem-based learning (PBL) is an exciting way to both teach and learn engineering. Moreover, educational research suggests that problem-based learning is, in general, more effective than traditional instruction for achieving a broad range of learning outcomes important to engineering faculty. With that in mind, this workshop introduced engineering faculty to the "what", "why," and "how" of PBL. The focus of the workshop was on a nuts and bolts discussion targeted to engineering faculty interested in PBL and looking for practical advice about how to implement it within the engineering program.

The Culture of Engineering Education
Date: November 2008
Presenter: Elizabeth Godfrey
Elizabeth Godfrey was on sabbatical at the Center for the Advancement of Scholarship on Engineering Education in Washington DC, after ten years as the Associate Dean for Undergraduates at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Her career included university lecturing, high school teaching and 10 years as an advocate for Women in Science and Engineering. Complementing her personal research interest in the culture of engineering education and gender issues, she was also working with colleagues on projects associated with the First Year Experience, Recruitment and Attrition, and stimulating the engagement of academic staff in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. She also had strong links to the Australasian Association for Engineering Education, for which she was the Vice president.

About Design: Sharing data from design meetings to support research into design thinking: Same data, different perspectives.
Date: February 2008
Presenter: Janet MacDonald
Janet was one of the organizers of a large-scale collaborative research project on architectural and engineering design that culminated at the Design Thinking Research Symposia meeting in London, September, 2007. Janet talked about the strengths, pitfalls and challenges of sharing empirical data from naturally occurring design meetings. She gave an overview of the project, described the data and the research themes that were explored, and she raised issues about what this common data model for research had to offer the design research community.

Student Conceptions of the Worlds of School and Work
Date: July 2007
Presenter: Kate Dunsmore and Jennifer Turns
These co-authors discussed their paper entitled, "Reconciling the Ideal and the Real: Student Conceptions of the Worlds of School and Work."

Life After CELT
Date: June 2007
Presenter: Monica Cardella
A former CELT researcher, Monica Cardella, discussed the transition into her new Assistant professorship at Purdue.

Post Katrina Learning Experiences for UW Students
Date: May 2007
Presenter: Denise Wilson
The previous year, Dr. Wilson led a team of students to the Post Katrina Gulf Coast to learn to work on natural disasters, emergency response, and infrastructure issues. Dr. Wilson spoke with us about this unique learning and teaching experience.

Problem Prototyping: What experts vs. students do first when tackling the Playground Problem
Date: March 2006
Presenter: Susan Mosborg
Susan Mosborg talked about a qualitative analysis she and Robin Adams worked on as part of CELTís Design Expertise Study.

Conceptions of Teaching in a Research Intensive University: What Effective Teachers Think
Date: February 2006
Presenter Jim Borgford-Parnell
Jim discussed the results of his phenomenographic research.

Active Learning in the Engineering Classroom
Date: July 2005
Presenters: Karl Smith and Jim Borgford-Parnell
Karl Smith discussed some of the research and related teaching concerns in implementing Cooperative Learning in engineering courses.

Itís worked since the 12th century--why change now?
Date: March 2003
Presenter: Richard Felder