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CENTC Projects and Publications

CENTC supports collaborative research projects that are continually reviewed to maintain a broad and balanced research portfolio aimed at enabling some of the most challenging transformations in chemistry. Rather than serving as stand-alone projects, our science is strengthened by the synergism and collaboration of the large number of CENTC researchers who regularly meet to critically discuss these activities. Each project involves collaborators from multiple institutions, including faculty, students, and post-docs. These researchers, while physically distributed around North America, communicate on a daily basis utilizing videoconferencing and other cyber-enabled technologies. Summaries of current projects can be found by following the links, below.

Current Projects

Alkane Metathesis
Anti-Markovnikov Hydroamination of Alkenes
Tandem Catalysis to Convert Carbohydrates to High-Value Chemicals
Copper Complexes for Water Oxidation
Dehydroaromatization of Alkanes: Cyclization to form Aromatic Molecules
Direct Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Methanol
Direct Formation of Arylamines from Arenes
Disassembly of Lignocellulose
High Value Chemicals from Glycerol by Hydrogenolysis
New Generation of Electrophilic Oxidation Catalysts
Oxidative Oligomerization of Methane
Tandem Catalysis Combining Organometallic Catalysts and Metalloenzymes


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