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Summer Undergraduate Research Program
Fellowships are available for undergraduate summer research in CENTC labs.

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Post-Doctoral Fellowship Opportunities
Within CENTC:

Fellowships are available to support graduate students and post-doctoral fellows working with CENTC investigators. Please contact the investigators directly to inquire about post-doctoral fellowships.

Other Post-doctoral Fellowship Opportunities in Organometallic Chemistry:

If you have opportunities you would like to have posted here, please contact Nadine Gruhn.

High School Classroom Visits

"Researchers are available for high school class visits to present and discuss the importance of chemistry in the synthesis of materials important to our economy. Visits include hands-on activities and information and discussion about chemistry careers.

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CENTC Summer Schools

CENTC offered Summer School on Catalysis in 2008 and 2010 to attendees from the entire chemical community.

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What is Catalysis?

Catalysis changes how a chemical reaction happens. This process usually speeds up a reaction, and can also make new reactions possible that allow different starting materials to be used. The chemical that causes these changes is called a catalyst. The catalyst is not used up in a reaction.

Catalysis schematic figure


Catalysis is extremely important to our economy. Nearly all industrial production of fuels, plastics, drugs and other chemicals relies on catalysis to be possible. Development of new catalysts is critical for the development of more efficient, economic and greener technologies.

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