SPRC Lunch Box Series with Public Health-Seattle & King County

The SPRC presents bimonthly lunch bag speakers with the HIV/AIDS Program of Public Health-Seattle & King County.  These are held in the PHSKC offices at the Chinook Building and bring together research and public health practice. The presentations include reviews of research, works-in-progress, and more. If you are interested in presenting at a lunchbag series, please contact Joanna Bove (bovej at uw.edu).

Here are presentations from previous lunch bag presentations:

01/27/15: Steven Goodreau: "Mathematical Modeling for Comprehensive HIV Prevention Planning I: MARDHAM--Exploring the drivers of racial disparities in HIV among MSM." Link to the powerpoint from this session here.

09/23/14: Rosa Solorio: "HIV Prevention Messages Targeting Young Latino Immigrant MSM Who May Not Identify as Gay." Link to the recorded session here.

07/22/14: Jennifer Unger: “Mobile Phone Messaging to Improve Uptake of Maternal and Child Health Services (Mobile WaCH) in Kenya: a randomized trial.” Link to the lecture slides here.

05/27/14: Roxamme Kerani: "Local HIV acquisition and missed opportunities for HIV testing among African-born residents of the US:  Current evidence and ongoing work." Link to the recorded session here.

03/25/14: Michael Arnold: "Facilitators of Willlingness to Participate in  HIV Cure Trials Requiring Treatment Interruption." Link to the recorded session here.

01/28/14: Joanne Stekler and Sarah McDougal: "Investigating smartphone apps as an intervention to reduce HIV incidence and improve sexual health among MSM”. Link to the recorded session here.

11/26/13: Panel-"Updating HIV/AIDS School Currciula" with Jodie Howerton, Andrea Gerber, Brett Niessen, Laurie Dils, and Bob Wood. Link to Brett Niessen's presentation here.