Molecular Profiling and Computational Biology

Programming DCs Towards the Kill (Is there a memory glitch?)

Event Date & Time: 
April 21, 2015 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

Location: Orin Smith Auditorium, UW Medicine, South Lake Union

Robbie B. Mailliard, PhD

Assistant Professor, Infectious Diseases and Microbiology

Develop, maintain and disseminate tools to wider community of HIV investigators

A key aspect of the Core is to provide access to computational tools (some web-based, others standalone) required to interpret sequence data, including phylogenic analysis, classification/clustering,

Performing specialized experimental (laboratory) protocols or training staff

Many researchers need support conducting the laboratory protocols associated with data generation, and our core has wet lab expertise required for every type of assay it analyzes.

Develop, acquire or customize new molecular assays

As new technologies of likely general use are identified this resource works with other center investigators to acquire and deploy those techniques.

Design and analysis of High Content Molecular Assays

Expertise is provided in the experimental design, analysis, and interpretation of microarray, high-throughput DNA and RNA sequencing, genomics, & proteomics data, and for combining multiple data type

Sequence Analysis of HIV and other associated Viruses

For researchers looking to include HIV sequence analysis in an ongoing or proposed project, we offer support for all aspects of experiment design, data generation, quality control and data analysis, i