Web Tools and Perl Scripts

A program that is a variant of the Minimum χ2 (MC) method for limiting dilution assays. It allows the user to specify the probabilities of a false negative and false positive PCR (it is also a tool for the quantitation of ampliable viral templates, i.e., viral load under the conditions of your assay). The program is available either as a java applet that can be run via the web or as a program that can be downloaded and run locally.

A scoring tool that allows users to analyze V3 loop coreceptor motifs.

A BLAST web server that allows users to search multiple sequence databases including public and local databases.

A web server to analyze phylogenies, sequence divergence, diversity and informative sites.

A web interface to detect informative sites in a set of aligned nucleotide or amino acid sequences.

A web database to store, retrieve and analyze HIV immunology data (ELISpot, HLA, etc.).

A web database to store, search and retrieve lab used HIV primers.

A web service to track scientific literatures via user-specified journals and keywords.

A web interface that estimates maximum likelihood phylogenetic tree from a set of aligned nucleotide or amino-acid


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