Cross-CFAR HIV Positive Specimen Repository Collaboration

The Cross-CFAR HIV Positive Specimen Repository collaboration has been established to increase the awareness of the HIV specimen repositories maintained at CFARs throughout the US. Individual CFAR repositories contain different types of specimens tagged with clinical data that also varies between institutions. Our hope is that by providing a single web-portal, we will more effectively reach translational scientists and match the needs of individual researchers to the specific resources of the varied repositories. A brief description of each repository with key contact information is included.

Collaboration members:

University of Pennsylvania
Samples: PBMC, Serum, Plasma, and CSF

Specimens can be linked to all outpatient and inpatient diagnostic tests and diagnoses, HIV and non-HIV related medications, and sexual and drug using behaviors, in addition to demographic and insurance data. Apheresis products have been collected from some volunteers, so large volumes of cells may be available from patients with certain characteristics. Fresh material, such as large volumes of blood, apheresis products, gastrointestinal lymph tissue biopsies, adipose tissue biopsies, genital secretions, and cerebrospinal fluid can be obtained by individual request.
Contact: Evelyn Olivieri (oliviere at

University of California at Los Angeles
Samples: PBMC, Plasma, Tissue Samples

Plasma and PBMCs linked to clinical data, demographics, and HIV history. Our tissue bank contains rectal biopsies, PBMCs, and plasma from HIV+ individuals, people with IBD/IBS and normal controls. We also have a registry of participants who are HIV positive, sero-negatives and controls willing to be contacted for participation in studies.
Contact: Helen Brown (HJBrown at

University of Massachusetts
Samples: PBMC, Plasma, B-Cell lines, Virus isolate

Demographics, HIV and ARV history recorded. Many with CD4 counts, HIV RNA levels and HIV resistance tests. Contains elite controllers, long-term non-progressors and some ARV naïve patients. Also has samples from uninfected individuals.
Contact: Thomas Greenough (thomas.greenough at

Emory University
Samples: PBMC, Plasma, Serum, DNA Pellets

All specimens are linked to all available clinical data including demographics, HIV and ARV history. Longitudinal specimens are collected from HIV infected patients with a particular focus on those who are naive, naive starting therapy, elite and viremic controllers, long term nonprogressors, those with acute HIV, acute HBV or acute HCV infection and others of particular research interest.
Contact: Cameron Tran (t.cameron.tran at

Baylor College of Medicine/UT Houston
Samples: PBMC, Serum, Plasma

The “PBMC, Serum, and Plasma Bank” stores adult patient samples obtained from five cohorts: (i) antiretroviral-naïve HIV-infected individuals, (ii) HIV-positive long-term non-progressors, (iii) HIV-negative individuals who have an HIV-positive partner, (iv) HIV/HCV co-infected patients, and (v) patients with diagnosis of acute HIV infection.
Contact: Betty Slagle (bslagle at

Samples: PBMC, cervicovaginal lavage, plasma

Laboratory data available on some including CD4, PVL, ARV history, resistance profile
Contact: BRamratnam at

University of Washington
Samples:PBMC, Plasma, serum & PaxGene
Specimens linked to comphensive clinical data. Many samples of ARV naïve, HSV co-infected, and long-term non-progressors..
Contact: Michalina Montaño (micham at


Harvard University
Repository Information Pending