Non-Human Primate Immunology Subcore


Mucosal immunity as it relates to HIV prevention and eradication can be more extensively studied using animal models that allow for direct access to multiple tissues. The Non-Human Primate (NHP) Immunology Sub-core brings the following expertise:

a.    Cellular immunology

  • Multiparameter flow cytometry to analyze cell subsets and T cell functions; ELISpot assays to map T and B cell responses to specific viral sequences.
  • Assessment of innate responses post SIV exposure

b.    Mucosal immunology

  • Optimization of mucosal immunology assays including mucosal specimen collection in nonhuman primates

c.     HIV vaccine study design, efficacy, and immunogenicity studies in nonhuman primates

  • Expertise in the analysis of immune correlates of protection or viral control in the blood, gut, and lung of nonhuman primates.

d.     Flow cytometry core activities specific for nonhuman primate immunology.


Deborah Fuller, PhD
Non-Human Primate Immunology Subcore Director
Email: fullerdh at