Deborah Fuller

Professor, Department of Microbiology
Core Scientist, AIDS Division, Washington National Primate Research Center

Non-Human Primate Immunology Subcore Director

The Fuller lab is focused on investigating therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines for HIV. These studies employ novel vaccines with an emphasis in DNA vaccines as well as delivery technologies, and new adjuvants designed to stimulate both systemic and mucosal antibody and T cell responses. Using the SIV macaque model for AIDS, we are investigating the ability of these vaccines to either prevent vaginal or rectal infection (prophylaxis) or reduce residual virus in the gut mucosa and provide a functional cure from AIDS when administered to chronically infected animals in combination with short-term treatment with antiretroviral drugs (immunotherapy). These studies also endeavor to define the role of mucosal responses, in particular, and other immune mechanisms underlying the response to vaccination, protection from infection, or induction of viral control.  

PhD (University of Wisconsin)
BS (Hope College)


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