Julie Dombrowski

Deputy Director for Clinical Services, PHSKC STD Control Program
Assistant Professor, Division of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, UW



Core Faculty, Sociobehavioral & Prevention Research Core

Dr. Dombrowski works with the Northwest Health Department-CFAR Consortium to enhance regional academic-public health collaboration on measuring and improving the HIV Care Cascade.  The Consortium includes leaders of six state health departments (Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming) partnered with the UW CFAR. 

Dr. Dombrowski's research focuses on the delivery of HIV and STD clinical services and population-based approaches to improving engagement in HIV care and antiretroviral use. She is the Medical Director of the Public Health – Seattle & King County STD Clinic and oversees the King County HIV Care and ART Promotion Program, a project to improve engagement in HIV care and antiretroviral use in King County.


M.D., Duke University School of Medicine 2004      
M.P.H., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2002      
B.S., Biology, University of New Mexico 1998      



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