SPRC Steering Committee

This interdisciplinary body of individuals functions as an advisory board to the SPRC, ensuring a diversity of expertise from across disciplines in the university and area agencies.  To facilitate coordination within the UW CFAR, the Directors of the Biometrics and International Cores have also been appointed to our steering committee.  Members of the Steering Committee serve five year terms. 

Current SPRC Steering Committee Members

  • Carey Farquhar, MD, MPH, UW Medicine
  • Sarah Glick, PhD, MPH, Public Health—Seattle/King County
  • Steve Goodreau, PhD, UW Anthropology
  • Sarah Holte, PhD, UW CFAR Biometrics Core
  • Grace John-Stewart, MD, PhD, UW CFAR International Core
  • Cynthia Pearson, PhD, UW Indigenous Wellness Research Institute
  • Deepa Rao, PhD, UW Global Health

Steering Committee Activities

In addition to their role in providing guidance to the SPRC, members of the steering committee also play a role in the following core activities:

  • Identifying important areas for core workshops and seminars.
  • Helping spearhead grant proposals related to their research interests that take advantage of the SPRCs cross-school interdisciplinary research expertise and community.
  • Occasional consulting with other SPRC affiliates as need, expertise, and time allow.
  • Participating in local outreach activities.