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The 5th Conference on Cell & Gene Therapy for HIV Cure: August 22-23, 2019 in Seattle, WA. More info at

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The mission of the Curative Therapies for HIV (Cure) Scientific Working Group is to accelerate work toward a cure for HIV, fostering new ideas and promoting new technologies. To achieve our mission the Cure SWG continues to bring together UW/Fred Hutch CFAR affiliated researchers, unaffiliated external HIV researchers and community members in order to develop critical local expertise and enhance areas of local strength.  

Cooperation between researchers and community members from local, national and international settings who are invested in the common goal of HIV cure will be key to the success of our mission. The Cure SWG leverages a large NIH investment in the Seattle-led consortium defeatHIV, one of six Martin Delaney Collaboratories focused on the cure of HIV. We are working with UW/Fred Hutch CFAR cores and external researchers to synergize expertise across many areas, in order to develop novel research questions and subsequent grant applications on HIV cure.

Collaboration is essential to our mission, and by working with people of broad experience and from diverse backgrounds, we hope to serve and an internationally-recognized center for the study of curative therapies for HIV.



The Cure Scientific Working Group will:

  1. Provide infrastructure that fosters new ideas, engages the community, and promotes the development of novel curative treatments for HIV
  2. Develop new intra-/inter-CFAR projects and funding applications on curative therapies for HIV



Cure SWG Executive Committee

Keith R. Jerome, MD, PhD; Scientific Working Group Director; Member, Fred Hutch; Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Head of Virology Division, University of Washington

Daniel Stone, PhD; Scientific Working Group Associate-Director; Senior Staff Scientist, Fred Hutch

Michael Emerman, PhD; Member, Fred Hutch

Christine Johnston, MD, MPH; Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Washington

Dara Lehman, MHS, PhD; Senior Staff Scientist, Fred Hutch



Tom Andrus, Cure SWG Manager
tandrus at, 206-667-6143

Keith Jerome, MD, PhD, Cure SWG Director
kjerome at

Daniel Stone, PhD, Cure SWG Associate Director
dstone2 at