Substance Abuse and HIV/STI


The aims of the Substance Abuse and HIV/STI Scientific Working Group are to develop synergy and collaboration among local HIV and substance abuse researchers, seek funding for identified collaborative opportunities, and encourage early career and minority investigators to pursue substance abuse and HIV/STI related research.

SWG members will lead and participate in four emphasis areas:

  • Sexual behavior-substance abuse nexus (research on the interplay between drug use and sexual behavior)
  • Substance abusing HIV positive individuals (research with HIV positive individuals focusing on treatment engagement and adherence as well as preventing transmission to uninfected persons)
  • HIV/STI prevention interventions among substance abusing individuals
  • HIV/STI epidemiology among substance abusers



To promote collaborative and interdisciplinary research the following activities will be undertaken:

1) Monthly program and project description meetings with each SA SWG emphasis area group taking turns in having responsibility for presenting.  Highest priority will be given to investigators presenting formative conceptual ideas for future projects. 

2) Tri-annual half day symposia in which a SA SWG emphasis area team invites an outside speaker and also has a prominent local investigator present findings relevant to that area.  In addition 4-6 local faculty or junior investigators will present their work.

To facilitate procurement of funding for relevant projects the following activities will be initiated:

1)    The NIDA Clinical Trials Network Dissemination Librarians (housed at the UW Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute), will distribute weekly a list of appropriate funding opportunities related to substance abuse. 

2)    One CFAR New Investigator Award (jointly funded by ADAI and CFAR Developmental Core) will be prioritized for a substance abuse and HIV/STI-focused investigator, based upon a competitive process organized by the Developmental Core, with participation of the SWG leadership.

3)    The SA SWG will form an advisory panel that will provide pre-submission reviews of grant proposals.  Panel membership will include at least 2 members who have served on NIH review group panels.  


Dennis Donovan, PhD
Director, UW Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute
(206) 543-0937
ddonovan at

Jane Simoni, PhD
Professor, Dept of Psychology
(206) 685-3291
jsimoni at