CFAR Emerging Opportunity Grants

Closing Date

The UW/FHCRC CFAR does not yet have a current competition for our Emerging Opportunity Grants (EOGs) planned for the 2014-2015 grant year. Please check back in winter 2015 to see if a competition will be happening.

The purpose of this program is to provide funding for time-sensitive HIV/AIDS-related 1) research projects, or 2) infrastructure to build capacity for CFAR HIV research activities, or 3) faculty recruitment.  Please note that last year we expanded the EOG scope to include not only research, but also infrastructure and faculty recruitment - a change over previous years.

We welcome proposals that will take advantage of recent developments in the HIV/AIDS field, new technologies, or provide an important new resource, technology, or area of expertise to our CFAR HIV/AIDS research community. Grants provided for research projects are intended for the testing of hypotheses, and to generate sufficient data for subsequent applications for other funds. Proposals for infrastructure and faculty recruitment must show clear benefit to the larger CFAR research community.

Funding Available

Up to $25,000 direct costs per award, for a maximum of one year.

Types of Projects

We are offering funding for three types of projects: 

  1. HIV/AIDS-related research projects
  2. Infrastructure: proposals could include facility renovation or purchase of supplies or equipment
  3. Faculty recruitment: proposals must benefit our CFAR research community and can pay for salary and benefits, and recruitment and relocation expenses. 

Pre-Submission Requirement

All potential applicants need approval in order to apply, and should send a very brief (a few sentences) summary of their project and a justification of why it is time sensitive and potentially high impact to

Submission Deadline: