Fogarty CFAR HEIST Workshop in Kenya

In collaboration with the Fogarty International Center, the CFAR Health Economics Impact Study Team (HEIST) held its 2nd health economic workshop in Kisumu, Kenya, on June 19th, 2014. The full day workshop entitled “Cost-effectiveness methods for HIV research” covered topics including types of cost-effectiveness analyses, methods for collecting cost data, mathematical modelling approaches, and hands-on examples of calculating health and economic outcomes.  The 35 attendees ranged from PhD students to hospital administrators and in-country study staff from UW’s Kenya Research Program. Presentations were led by Dr. Ruanne Barnabas, assistant professor of Global Health, Monisha Sharma, PhD student in epidemiology, and Dr. Peter Cherutich, Head of HIV Prevention at the Kenya Ministry of Health and PhD student in epidemiology. We had lively discussions, good ideas for projects and learnt about the challenges and benefits of incorporating costing and health economic analyses into HIV treatment and prevention services.