Gene expression changes during the first year of HIV-1 infection

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Romel Mackelprang, PhD
Senior Fellow, Global Health
University of Washington

Romel Mackelprang earned a PhD in Epidemiology from the University of Washington with mentoring from Drs. Carey Farquhar and Grace John-Stewart.  During the past few years, he has been a post-doctoral fellow with Dr. Jairam Lingappa in the Department of Global Health.  His research focuses on using epidemiology, statistical and computational methods to look for associations between –omics data and HIV-1 outcomes, including HIV-1 acquisition and control of infection.  He has been supported by the CFAS STD/AIDS Training Grant and received a CFAR New Investigator Award to evaluate mechanisms through which polymorphisms in the toll-like receptor genes might associate with HIV-1 set-point.

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