Comparative Analysis of Adjuvants and Adenoviral Vectors for Optimizing HIV Specific Antibody and CD8+ T cells

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Robert Seder, MD

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Location: Pelton Auditorium, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Dr. Seder is the Chief of the Cellular Immunology Section (CIS), Immunology Laboratory, Vaccine Research Center (VRC), NIAID, NIH. The aim of his laboratory is to rationally design vaccines for diseases that require humoral and/or cellular immunity in humans. His scientific research has focused on two major and interrelated areas: 1) Understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms of T cell differentiation and memory and defining immune correlates of protection for infections requiring cellular immunity. 2) Understanding how innate immunity and dendritic cells influence antibody and T cell responses using replication defective recombinant viral vectors and immune adjuvants targeted to distinct toll-like receptors. Dr. Seder’s work is now being applied to accelerate the development of vaccines for HIV, TB, and malaria.