CFAR Seminar: Immune targets of HIV infection in the foreskin

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Maria Lemos, PhD, MPH

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Location: Sze Conference Room, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

In Dr. Julie McElrath's laboratory, at the HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN), Dr. Lemos' work focuses on HIV transmission at the foreskin. She studies the mechanisms of vaccine-induced risk in Step, by analyzing the migration of Ad5 specific cells to the human foreskin. She is co-chair of HVTN914, which aims to characterize the HIV target cells in the human penile mucosa, and distinguish elements of susceptibility among HSV2 seropositive and HSV2 seronegative men. A Washington Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) pilot award allowed her to set up a polarized foreskin explant model that preserves epidermal barriers limiting HIV entry. Her new investigator award from the CFAR will allow her to characterize the antibody responses at the foreskin. Together these investigations hope to inform about the kind of protection that could prevent infection in sexually active, insertive men.