CFAR Seminar: Mobility, Sexual Networks, and Population-Level HIV Transmission Dynamics in Ghana

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Susan Cassels, PhD, MPH

University of Washington

Location: Sze Conference Room, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Susan Cassels, PhD, MPH, is an assistant professor of Epidemiology & Global Health at the University of Washington.  She is also core faculty in the CFAR Sociobehavioral Core and a faculty affiliate in the Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology, and thus brings a unique demographic perspective to social and behavioral HIV research.  Her specific research interests are in the areas of migration and residential mobility, social and structural determinants of HIV, mathematical modeling, and social network analysis. Dr. Cassels has published manuscripts in AIDS, AIDS and Behavior, Current Opinion in HIV and AIDS, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases on topics including HIV modeling in the social and behavioral sciences and social network analysis. She has published epidemic modeling papers using both compartmental models (e.g. HIV among men who have sex with men in the U.S.) as well as network models (e.g. concurrency and HIV among young adults in Zimbabwe).

 Susie recently returned from West Africa where she headed a cross-sectional, ego-centric study of migration, sexual networks and HIV risk in Accra, Ghana using event history calendar techniques. Her study team completed just under 600 interviews (including 104 linked cohabiting or spousal partners), and successfully tested >90% of the respondents for HIV. This project will highlight how migration in time and space affects sexual network structure and the potential for HIV transmission.

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