Announcing the Recipients of the 2018 New Investigator Awards

The University of Washington/Fred Hutch Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) Developmental Core is delighted to announce the recipients of this year's New Investigator Awards.

The purpose of the CFAR New Investigator Award program is to provide support ($45-$55,000/year for 1-2 years) to promising early career HIV/AIDS investigators. The NIA encourages junior investigators to conduct independent research, acquire preliminary data to use for external grant submissions, receive career mentorship, and write additional grants to obtain funding to continue their HIV research careers. NIAs are central to our CFAR mission and have been foundational to jump-starting the careers of many investigators at our consortium institutions, including mine.

The proposals were recently reviewed by the CFAR Executive Committee, along with internal and external reviewers; we are incredibly thankful to the reviewers who volunteered their time for this important process. We would like to extend a very special thank you to Ann Collier, Roland Strong, Ruanne Barnabas, and the Biometrics Core for their generous and enthusiastic efforts leading the NIA review process. 

After receiving a record number of applications this year, we are excited to announce that we are funding seven NIA proposals this year. These proposals represent multiple CFAR institutions - including UW, Fred Hutch, Seattle Children's, and the University of Hawai’i - as well as a variety of types of science: clinical and epidemiologic investigation, basic laboratory discovery, and quantitative research. The awardees are listed below and in the attached pdf.  We look forward to seeing the results of their projects!

Jared Baeten
Director, UW/Fred Hutch Center for AIDS Research
Vice Chair, Department of Global Health
Professor of Global Health, Medicine, and Epidemiology

2018 CFAR New Investigator Awards

Engi Attia, MD, MPH     
Acting Assistant Professor, Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine
University of Washington
Lung Function in Kenyan Youth – Impact of HIV, Air Pollution and Inflammation
Mentor: Kristina Crothers, University of Washington

Rachel Bender Ignacio, MD, MPH
Acting Assistant Professor, Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine
University of Washington
Associate, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division
Fred Hutch
M. tuberculosis Infection, Immune Activation, and Risk of HIV Acquisition
Mentor: Thomas Hawn, University of Washington

Michelle D'Antoni, PhD
Adjunct Instructor, Tropical Medicine, Medical Microbiology & Pharmacology
University of Hawai’i at Mānoa
Understanding the Role of Interferon Regulatory Factors in Age related Complications Among HIV-Infected Persons
Mentor: Lishomwa Ndhlovu, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa

Horacio Duarte, MD
Acting Instructor, Department of Pediatrics
University of Washington
Senior Fellow, Infectious Disease
Seattle Children’s Hospital
Health Policy Modeling to Address Pediatric HIV Drug Resistance in Kenya
Mentor: Ruanne Barnabas, University of Washington

Melissa Mugambi, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Global Health
University of Washington
Optimizing Access to Early Antenatal Care and PrEP Among Pregnant Women
Mentor: Grace John-Stewart, University of Washington

Daniel Reeves, PhD
Research Associate, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division
Fred Hutch
Impact of T cell Subset Dynamics on HIV Cure
Mentor: Joshua Schiffer, Fred Hutch

Adrienne Shapiro, MD, PhD
Senior Fellow, Global Health
University of Washington
Validation of a novel rapid urine-based diagnostic assay for tuberculosis in South Africa
Mentor: Paul Drain, University of Washington