Tuberculosis in the Setting of HIV infection: From Bench to Bedside

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Anne Goldfeld, MD

Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Location: Research and Training Building Auditorium, 300 Ninth Avenue, Seattle WA 98104

CFAR AIDS Associated Infections and Malignancies (AAIMS) Speaker Series

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We are excited to welcome Anne Goldfeld, MD to discuss her research on TB/HIV.

Anne’s research has focused on understanding host susceptibility and resistance genes and their variants that influence the pathogenesis of TB and HIV. In addition to her immunology research, Anne has established clinical trials in patient cohorts in Cambodia and Ethiopia and published on optimal timing of antiretrovirals in tuberculosis patients infected with HIV (CAMELIA trial). She will discuss the special challenges and benefits of pursuing immunologic research on tuberculosis disease in the context of HIV infection, and how to link bench research with clinical trial on TB/HIV.

Through CFAR AIDS-Associated Infections and Malignancies (AAIMS), we are establishing a new working group which focuses on TB in areas with high burdens of HIV.  We anticipate this talk to be a springboard for further discussions on collaboration in clinical and basic science TB and HIV research activities.