CFAR New Faces Seminar: Jesse Bloom, PhD and Neil King, PhD

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Speaker 1: Jesse Bloom, PhD

Affiliation: Fred Hutch

“Complete mapping of HIV escape from neutralizing antibodies”

Jesse Bloom's lab uses a combination of computational and experimental approaches to study the evolution of viruses and proteins. Jesse is an Associate Member in Basic Sciences and Computational Biology at the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center. Prior to coming to the Hutch, he was a postdoc at Caltech with David Baltimore. He also received his PhD (in Chemistry) from Caltech, where he worked with Frances Arnold.

Speaker 2: Neil King, PhD

Affiliation: University of Washington

“Design of self-assembling protein nanomaterials as next-generation vaccine scaffolds”

Recent technological breakthroughs are changing vaccine design from a largely empirical process to a rational, structure-based endeavor. The King lab is contributing to progress in this area by using computational protein design to develop novel self-assembling protein nanomaterials that can be used as scaffolds to present antigens in symmetric, repetitive patterns. In several cases, these nanoparticle immunogens induce more robust humoral immune responses than the corresponding antigen alone. In this CFAR seminar, the computational design process, the design and functional characterization of nanoparticle immunogens presenting stabilized prefusion RSV F, and future directions for the platform will be presented.

Webcast can be viewed here. Jesse Bloom at 0:00. Neil King at 18:11.