Getting to the Workshop

West 8th

The West 8th building is located on the corner of Virginia Avenue and Eighth Avenue.

2001 Eighth Avenue

Seattle, WA 98121 (link to Google Maps)

West 8th Reception: 206-884-7800


Directions from NJB/HMC to the West 8th building can be found here. The West 8th building is about a 20 minute walk from NJB/HMC. There is a UW shuttle that regularly goes between HMC and Seattle Children's. The schedule can be found here. There are also various public buses that go between HMC and the West 8th building. Attendees could arrange an uber shuttle from NJB/HMC to the West 8th building if they would like. 

Public Transit Options

From UWMC (link to Google Maps), the Link from the UW station to Westlake station is the most direct and efficient route. 

From Fred Hutch (link to Google Maps), either the 70 or the South Lake Union Streetcar are the best options. 


The entrance to the West 8th parking garage is located on the left side of Virginia Street (one way, eastbound) between Westlake Avenue and Eighth Avenue.  Clearance in the parking garage is 6'8". If you park in the West 8th garage, you will need to take the parking elevator down to the lobby, change elevators, and proceed up to the 4th floor.

Other garages, street parking and surface lots are also available around West 8th.


When you arrive at the West 8th building lobby, push the touch panel outside either of the elevator banks to call an elevator for the 4th floor.  Take the elevator to the 4th floor and follow the signs to the Westlake Conference Room

If you have any questions, the building attendant in the lobby can assist you.