CFAR/CFAS Community Action Board Research Consultations

The CAB is the link between CFAS/CFAR researchers and our communities, and our goal is to ensure that all people can benefit from scientific advances in prevention, treatment and cure of HIV/AIDS

Design and analysis of High Content Molecular Assays

Expertise is provided in the experimental design, analysis, and interpretation of microarray, high-throughput DNA and RNA sequencing, genomics, & proteomics data, and for combining multiple data type

Sequence Analysis of HIV and other associated Viruses

For researchers looking to include HIV sequence analysis in an ongoing or proposed project, we offer support for all aspects of experiment design, data generation, quality control and data analysis, i

Clinical Epidemiology and Health Services Research Methods Consultation

The CE&HSR Core provides consultation services for researchers performing clinical epidemiology or health services research among persons with HIV.

Sociobehavioral and Prevention Research Methods, Study Design, Analysis

The SPRC provides consultation on survey instruments, study design, measuring sexual and substance use behaviors, adherence, and data analysis for sociobehavioral and HIV prevention research. 

International Study Design and Grant Development

The UW CFAR International Core provides consultation and support in international study design, grant writing, IRB/ethics and international research protocol development for research projects in developing countries.

Biostatistics/Biomathematics Consultation

We have found that it is most useful to collaborate with investigators as early as possible during a project, for example even before study aims are finalized.