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Sexually Transmitted Infections Cooperative Research Center

Core Facilities

STI CRC Core Facilities provide biostatistical, laboratory, study design, and other services that are quality-controlled, cost-effective and convenient. These services are supported by the STI CRC, freeing investigators of the need to set up these assays and equipment in their own labs.

Clinical and Laboratory Core


Anna Wald, MD, MPH
E-mail: annawald@u.washington.edu


The Clinical Core will recruit, evaluate and retain participants to provide clinical specimens for study in Projects 1, 2, 3, and 4. In addition, the Core will provide the laboratory expertise needed to assess eligibility for study entry, diagnose baseline and intercurrent infections, and coordinate routine laboratory testing, including diagnostic testing for common STI and Gram stains for evaluation of Nugent score.

AIM 1: To recruit, enroll, and retain participants into research protocols from defined populations, including characterization of baseline infection status through antibody tests (HIV and HSV-2) and nucleic acid amplifications tests (NAAT) for N. gonorrhoeae, C. trachomatis, T. vaginalis and M. genitalium

AIM 2: To obtain clinical specimens required for the Research Projects, including: 1) Vaginal swabs for characterization of bacterial communities (see Microbiome Core) and for Nugent score in Projects 1, 2 & 4; 2) Swabs for HSV PCR assay from mucosal sites for Projects 1 & 4; 3) Cervicovaginal lavage and cervical cytobrush for immune mediator studies in Projects 1 & 4; and 4) Urethral swabs from men for characterization of bacterial communities (Project 3).

AIM 3: To ensure the integrity of data collected for all Projects by adhering to study procedures and promoting the highest standards of human subjects research, including adherence to Good Clinical Practices.



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