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STD/AIDS Research Training Fellowship Program

STD/HIV in Maternal, Child, & Adolescent Health Track

Director: Grace John-Stewart, MD, MPH, PhD

Overview: The STD/HIV in Maternal, Child, & Adolescent Health Track attracts trainees committed to an academic career in the study of research in the area of maternal, reproductive, and pediatric (including adolescent) populations. In response to this need, the Center for Global Integrated Health of Women, Adolescents, and Children (Global WACh) was established at UW in 2011, directed by Dr. John-Stewart. Because of the highly successful prevention of maternal to child transmission of HIV in developed countries, many of the relevant projects on this topic occur internationally at well-established developing country sites, at which our faculty have worked for decades. Projects with an adolescent focus are generally mentored by faculty affiliated with Seattle Children's Hospital (Drs. Richardson, Moreno, and Evans). Most MDs in this track already have, or obtain during fellowship, an MPH degree in Epidemiology and they have close linkage with the Epidemiology & Prevention Interventions for HIV/STD Track. This track often includes field research experience in Africa, Asia, Latin America, or the Caribbean.


6 Training Faculty and 1 Junior Training Faculty

John-Stewart, Grace MD, PhD, MPH Track Director, Training Faculty   
Dr. John-Stewart's major research interest is the epidemiology and transmission of HIV-1 infection in Africa. She directs several large cohort studies aimed at defining mechanisms of HIV transmission between sexual partners, from mothers to infants, and pediatric HIV-1 treatment response. Her work also focuses on molecular epidemiology of cofactors for HIV-1 transmission and progression. Her group is conducting studies to evaluate the role of co-infections on HIV-1 pathogenesis. Finally, she is leading several projects aimed at assessing programmatic implementation in HIV prevention and treatment, family planning, and maternal child health.

Ahrens, Kym, MD, MPH Training Faculty   
Research focus on the development of theoretically and empirically informed, behaviorally-based preventive interventions for youth populations that are at high risk of STDs and teen pregnancies and other adverse health outcomes. She is particularly interested in designing and testing trauma-informed interventions for youth exposed to high rates of early adversity, e.g. youth in the foster system

Farquhar, Carey MD, MPH Training Faculty   
Dr. Farquhar's studies focus on mother-to-child HIV transmission, HIV-discordant couples and pediatric HIV, and include a new implementation science study assessing HIV testing and partner notification in rural and urban Kenyan communities. Since 2004, she has directed the University of Washington (UW) AIDS International Training and Research Program which builds research capacity in Kenya, Peru, Uganda, Mozambique and India by funding physicians and scientists for MPH and doctoral degrees and through offering in-country courses on grant writing, mentorship, and research methods.

Frenkel, Lisa MD Training Faculty   
Research focuses on understanding HIV-1-drug-resistance, prevention of mother-to-child- transmission, and mechanisms that allow HIV-1 infection to persist despite suppressive antiretroviral therapy, including defining viruses that persist to form reservoirs, and viruses shed from the genital tract of adults when blood tests show that HIV-1 replication is suppressed by antiretroviral treatment. Her group also is working to develop and transfer practical and economical assays to facilitate HIV-1 diagnosis in infants and to monitor antiretroviral treatment and drug-resistant mutants in resource-poor communities.

Moreno, Megan MD, MSED, MPH Training Faculty   
Dr. Moreno's research focuses on novel ways to prevent and intervene to reduce causes of morbidity and mortality in the adolescent population. Research centers on adolescents' use of media and technology and how these may impact adolescent health behaviors. Previous studies have shown links between exposure to substance use and sexual content in media, and initiation of these behaviors. Social media are a particular interest of the research team, as these types of media allow adolescents to be both producers and consumers of media messages about health.

Richardson, Laura MD, MPH Training Faculty   
Dr. Richardson's research focuses on understanding interactions between mental and physical health in adolescents, reducing engagement in health risk behaviors, and improving care for adolescents in primary care settings with a focus on depressed youth. Areas of study include examination of the impact of adolescent depression on development of obesity in adulthood, impact of depression and anxiety on smoking and symptom burden among asthmatic youth, patterns of opioid use among youth, and development of health services interventions to improve depression management in primary care.

Evans, Yolanda MD Junior Training Faculty   
Current research involves the use of technology, via telemedicine and text messaging, to engage pediatric and adolescent patients. Dr. Evans is currently involved in a qualitative study on how social support helps or hinders parents in a pediatric obesity treatment program. Future interests include using telemedicine to reach adolescent patients in rural locations.

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