Sara Van Fleet, PhD
Associate Director
Southeast Asia Center

Dr. Van Fleet received her Ph.D. in cultural anthropology from the University of Washington in 1998. Her research and fieldwork took place in northern Thailand where she worked with the audiences of Thai television soap operas on issues of gender, media and social change.

She joined the UW Southeast Asia Center in 1999 where she has helped to successfully write grants for the UW Southeast Asian studies program, organize conferences and public events related to Southeast Asia, and guide the administration of the Southeast Asia Center. She will be teaching a graduate seminar in the fall for incoming Southeast Asian studies Masters students.

Dr. Van Fleet lives with her husband on three acres on Vashon Island, where she is an avid gardener and wildlife advocate. She regularly leads workshops for local conservation groups on wildlife gardening and writes for newspapers and magazines. She also loves music and dance and teaches Zumba classes on Vashon Island.