Dr. Ir Andoyo Supriyantono
Papua State University
email: andoyo@yahoo.com

As visiting scholars in UDUB, Andoyo Supriyantono is a lecturer in the state University of Papua in Manokwari. He got his B.Sc from Cenderawasih University on 1990 with specialization in animal science. On 1993 he joined as a lecturer in animal science department of Cenderawasih University. He pursued his master degree in Animal Breeding from Wageningen Agricultural University of The Netherlands on 1999. On 2006 He got his Ph.D from Brawijaya University in Malang Indonesia. He focused in Bali cattle breeding for his research.

On 2010 he had collaboration research to Tohoku University Sendai Japan focused on beef cattle breeding of Bali and Wagyu cattle. He got many funding from Indonesia government for research and community service.

Now, he is doing a research in beef cattle breeding which involving farmers in the village to help them managing breeding program.

As lecturer in The State University of Papua, he teaches some courses related to breeding such as introduction to animal breeding, management of animal breeding, animal genetic, and beef cattle production at under graduate program. Beside teaching he is responsible for managing university farm particularly on beef cattle.