Prof. Dr. Ir. Djoni Prawira Rahadja, M.Res.Sc.MS
Faculty of Animal Agriculture
Hasanuddin University

Prof. Djoni Prawira is a lecturer at Department of Animal Production, Faculty of Animal Agriculture - Hasanuddin University, Makassar-South Sulawesi Indonesia. He is originally from West Jawa. After graduate (Sarjana – S1) from Padjadjaran University in Westl Jawa, Djoni Prawira joining Hasanuddin University in 1982. In 1983 He continued for master degree at the Department of Biology – Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) up to 1986.

From 1989 to 1991, Djoni Prawira had an opportunity to get Master degree (M.Res.Sci) in the field of Wildlife Management at Departement of Ecosystem Management - the University of New England. (UNE) - Armidale, Australia; continuing his interest in the field of animal physiology and wildlife, his PhD degree achieved at 1994 from the Departement of Physiology, UNE with his topic on Australian Feral Goats.

Since 2010 up to now - professional position at Hasanuddin University is as the Head Master of Postgraduate Program of Animal Science & Technology at the Faculty of Animal Agriculture – Hasanuddin University;
Additionally, since 2009 up to now, Djoni Prawira is the coordinator of the training division of Quality Assurance Office at Hasanuddin University.

At Hasanuddin University and some other universities in South Sulawesi, in addition as a lecturer of some subjects related with animal physiology, such as Fundamental Physiology, Environmental Physiology, Physiology of Animal Production, Djoni Prawira is also supervising research for both graduate and postgraduate students
The field of research interest of Djoni Prawira is in the area of animal physiology – especially related with environmental and nutritional physiology of animal. He won some national and international research grants; the results of his researches were published in either journal and book.