Irawati Chaniago, Ir. M.Rur.Sc., PhD
Senior Lecturer in Weed Science
Research Team Member of Wheat Development Program in Indonesia
Head of International Office
Andalas University, Padang 25163, INDONESIA

Dr. Irawati, known shortly as Ira, has joined Andalas University Padang in 1989 as a junior lecturer at the Department of Agronomy. She received an award as the best graduate from Andalas University Padang in December 1987. Her Masters in Rural Science and PhD degrees were completed at the School of Rural Science, University of New England, Armidale, Australia in 1996 and 2004, respectively. During her academic career, Ira has received some awards including Best lecturer award of the Faculty of Agriculture Andalas University in 1996, Runner up to the best lecturer award of Andalas University in 1997, Posgraduate Research Award from University of New England, Armidale, Australia in 2000, and Runner up to the best poster presentation at The 7th International Conference on Plant Tissue Culture and Plant Biotechnology, Australia in 2002.

Upon completion of her PhD studies Ira has been actively involved in conducting research in Weed Science focusing in allelopathy, a subject dealing with naturally-occurring chemical communication between plants especially between crop plants and weeds. Her interest was in finding West Sumatran rice landrace with allelopathic potential to suppress the growth of barnyardgrass, a major weed of low land rice. Since 2011, Ira has been actively involved in the Wheat Development Project in Indonesia. The project is carried out in collaboration between Andalas University, Directorate General of Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia, Slovak University of Agriculture, OSIVO a.s of the Slovak Republic, and the Indonesian Embassy in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. This has been part of the project in supporting the Indonesian government in Food Security and Food Diversification.

As a lecturer, Dr. Irawati has three main areas of task i.e teaching, research, and community service and empowerment. She has been interested in helping farmers with the Organic Farming for vegetables. The community service on this interesting area of organic farming has been carried out for four years not only involving farmers but also her final year students to do research and community services at Sungai Kamuyang (Municipality of Lima Puluh Kota, West Sumatra). Ira and her colleagues also helped empowering farmer group field laboratory for natural bio-control for vegetables pest and disease.

Ira’s administrative and management experiences has commenced when she was appointed as the Social Secretary of the International Students Association of the University of New England in Australia 1993-1994; Secretary of the Department of Agronomy, Andalas University 1996-1999; International Female Students Representative at the University of New England Postgraduate Association (UNEPA) in Australia 2001 and 2002; Secretary of the Department of Agroecotechnology of Andalas University 2008-2011; and Head of International Office of Andalas University 2011 – present. Her current duty at the International Office is to facilitate and prepare for international students coming to Andalas University, student and academic staff mobility, and networking between Andalas University and other overseas universities as well as other related institutions.