Sintje Lumatauw, Ph.D
Lecturer: Poultry Production, Animal Breeding & Genetics, Research Methodology
Secretary: Department of Community Services
Address: 56 Cenderawasih St. Amban Manokwari, West Papua 98314 Indonesia
(Home)/Cell-phone: 62-986-213618 / 081344080183      (Office): +62 986 215059

Dr. Lumatauw completed her master & doctorate degrees in 1994 and 2002, respectively at the Institute of Animal Science, University of the Philippines at Los Banos, majoring in Poultry Breeding & Genetics. She has been affiliated with the State University of Papua for about 25 years.

Dr. Lumatauw research is much focused on the development of native chickens. A number of studies had been carried out on this subject. Recently, she and her colleges are studying the possibility of cGH-I4/MspI locus as a genetic marker for growth traits of Indonesia native chickens. Several of their papers have been presented in national and international seminars, some are available in journals.

During her works, Dr. Lumatauw has been given a number of responsibilities besides teaching and research. She has been appointed as the Secretary of the Department of Community Services since 2003. Since that time she has been working with various institutions in helping the local Papuan people. The International Labor Organization (ILO), UNDP, the Indonesia-Australia Partnership, Freeport Inc. BP Berau, Ltd. and the Local Government are the institutions that currently have a collaborative works with the Department.

Dr. Lumatauw further interest is to find more supports from outside of the country in developing the Papua State University and help the local people for a better life.