About the Program

            The U.S.-Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership is a long-term commitment by President Obama and Indonesian President Yudhoyono to broaden bilateral relations between the United States and Indonesia. On June 27, 2010, Presidents Obama and Yudhoyono announced a Higher Education Partnership as a key element of the Comprehensive Partnership. The Higher Education Partnership is focused on increasing the number of Indonesians and Americans studying and researching in one another’s country, and on strengthening university partnerships and increasing the quality of education.

In recognition of our close collaboration under the U.S.-Indonesia Higher Education Partnership, the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) has been working with the Directorate General of Higher Education Indonesia (DIKTI) on a co-funded faculty recharging program through the Fulbright Indonesia Research, Science, and Technology (FIRST) initiative.

This mutually beneficial program, hosted by the University of Washington, is designed to build curricular and research capacity in key fields, promote human resource and academic program development and strengthen university governance at Indonesian universities, expose American faculty and students to Indonesian perspectives, and foster institutional and research relationships.

The Fulbright-DIKTI Indonesian Senior Scholar Recharging Program at the University of Washington (UW) will allow a select group of 15 senior scholars from Institutions around Indonesia to spend 10 weeks at the university. UW was chosen as the first site for this program because of the excellence and quantity of scholars who specialize on Indonesia in the areas of Anthropology, Archaeology, Ethnomusicology, Environmental Science and Conservation, Global Health, History, Literature and Film, Marine Affairs, Political Science, Law, and Primatology. The Indonesian scholars will be matched with UW faculty mentors for an intensive program of academic collaboration. The program will include weekly seminar series both for and by the scholars, exposure to university research facilities, and opportunities to visit other institutions around Washington. The Scholars will arrive in mid-September and leave at the end of November. The program is sponsored by the ECA/U.S. Department of State, CIES Fulbright, AMINEF Indonesia and DIKTI, and hosted by the UW Center for Global Field Study (CGFS), the Jackson School and the Southeast Asia Center. Special acknowledgment to the UW Dept. of Psychology for their assistance with administration of the program.

UW Program Staff :

Randall C. Kyes, PhD
Program Director
Center for Global Field Study
Depts. of Psychology and Global Health
Wa National Primate Research Center
Pensri Kyes (Elle), PhD
Program Assistant (IT Coordinator)
Research Scientist, Center for Global Field Study
Linda Uyeda, MS, MA, PhC
Program Assistant (RA)
Graduate Student, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences
Center for Global Field Study
Robin McArthur

Program Assistant
Program Administrator, Center for Global Field Study
Program Coordinator, Div. of Global Program, WaNPRC   


Program Volunteer:

  Anna Schier
UW Student
Morgan Wilbanks
UW Student