Program Highlights

Orientation Meeting (17 September 2012)
Prof. Randy Kyes, Fulbright Program Director, and his team welcomed the Fulbright-DIKTI Scholars at an orientation meeting in Gerberding Hall. The Scholars received and overview about the Fulbright-DIKTI Indonesian Senior Scholar Recharging program at University of Washington and basic information about the University of Washington and surrounding area. The Scholars also visited the Center for Global Field Study.


Welcome Reception (20 September 2012)

A welcome reception for the Fulbright-DIKTI Scholars was held in the Smith Room of the Suzzallo Library. Prof. Randy Kyes (Program Director) officially welcomed the Scholars to the University of Washington followed by Scholar introductions. The elegant atmosphere of the room add to the warm welcome for the Scholars, along with close to 50 UW faculty, staff, students, and friends in attendance including, Prof. Reşat Kasaba, Director of the Jackson School of International Studies; Dr. Peter Moran, Director of the International Programs & Exchanges; UW Faculty Mentors – Prof. Susan Bolton, Assoc. Prof. Celia Lowe, Assoc. Prof. Beth Rivin, Prof. Matthew Sparke, and Dr. Sara van Fleet; Department of Psychology Administrators; Board members from the Seattle-Surabaya Sister City Association (SSSCA); representative of the Indonesian Students Association at University of Washington (ISAUW); and several others UW students. Thank you to all



The Scholars' Seminar Series allows each scholar the opportunity to present and share information of their choosing (their research, educational system, local culture, etc.) with the UW community.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Marsetyo, M.Sc.Agr., Ph.D

Anom Bowolaksono,S.Si, M.Sc., Ph.D

Professor Ardi

Prof. Dr. Ir. Djoni Prawira Rahardja, MSc.

Dr. Ir. Andoyo Supriyantono, M.Sc

Ir. Sintje Lumatauw, M.Sc, Ph.D

Dr. Ir. Irawati Chaniago, M.Rur.Sc

Prof. Dr. Ir. Asmuddin Natsir, M.Sc.

Dr. Ir. Maria Endo Mahata, MS

 Ir. Stephanus V. Mandagi, M.App, Sc, Ph.D

Dr. Ir. Bakri, M. Sc

Andi Arham Adam,ST, M.Sc, Ph.D

Dr. Mohammad G. Rindarjono,M.Si

Dr. Muhammad Niswar ST, M.InfoTech

RECHARGING SEMINAR SERIES (27 Sept - 15 Nov 2012):

Dr. David Szatmary - "Education Outreach"

Dr. Peter Moran -"International Programs and Exchanges"

Anna Schier, student -"UW Study Abroad"

Morgan Wilbanks, student -"UW Study Abroad"

Dr. Jake Kulstad - "UW Information Technology"

Dr. Judith Henchy -"UW Libraries"

Dave Hunter -"Bees, Pollination and Food Security Issues"

Prof. Martha Groom -"Teaching Workshop"

Dr. Rocio Crespo from WSU -"Avian Health and Food Safety" 


          23 Oct 2012:
A visit with Dr. Indroyono Soesilo, Fulbright Distingished Scholar, and Executive Secretary of Indonesia's Coordinating Ministry for People's Welfare. Dr. Soesilo also gave a campus-wide presentation on "Climate Changes in Indonesia in the Context of the Global Challenge".


         26 Nov 2012
: A visit with Asianto Sinambela, Consul General of the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia. Members of Seattle-Surabaya Sister City Association (SSSCA) and Indonesian Student Association at the University of Washington (ISAUW) also attended.

            Botany Greenhouse



            Woodland Park Zoo

Dr. Darin Collins and Prof. Djoni Monica Lake and Martin Ramirez with scholars

              Vashon Island

             Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

             Highline Community College (HCC)

HCC President, Jack Bermingham (rt), greeting the UW Indonesian Fulbright scholars

Group photo with UW Indonesian Fulbright scholars and the HCC Indonesian scholars (who are  participating in the Community College Faculty and Administrator exchange program)
             Farewell Reception