Dr. Anom Bowolaksono, M. Sc, Ph.D
University of Indonesia
email: alaksono@sci.ui.ac.id


The 10th week progress (12 – 16 November 2012)

1. Met to Dr. Joshua J. Lawler, an associate professor of School of Environmental and Forest Sciences University of Washington. He has field in wildlife animal ecology and interest in climate change effect. We talked about the possibility collaborative research work between UI and UW in the area of climate change and wildlife animal science.

2. Submited the final report to Fulbright Scholar Program, Institute of International Education, Department of Scholar and Professional Programs, Council for International Exchange of Scholars, 1400 K Street NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20005

The 9th week progress (12 – 16 November 2012)

1. Visited to Oregon National Primate Research Center (ONPRC) that managed by Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) at Portland Oregon. ONPRC is one of the big primate research centers in US. I met and discussed with Professor Betsy Fergusson (OHSU) one of OHSU Faculty who expert in animal genetics. We have dealt in the future research in Indonesia, Betsy and her team in OHSU will help me in the methodology, especially in the animal genetics area.

2. Met to Dr. Aaron J. Wirsing, he is an assistant professor at School of Environmental and Forest Sciences (SEFS), College of the Environment, University of Washington. He has a predator laboratory which study on many kind aspect of predator around the world. We talked about collaboration research between his laboratory – Center for Global Field Study (Professor Randall C. Kyes) and me from University of Indonesia. One of his student will hold a research in Indonesia, in this opportunity he need assistance to help his students works in Indonesia.

3. Visited to UW Bothell in Bothell near Seattle. We met associate vice chancellor for undergraduate learning, Professor Gray Kochhar-Lindgren and his team to talk university to university collaboration. Since I am not a person in charge for this opportunity, I will inform this great chance to the University of Indonesia international office.

The 8th week progress (5 – 9 November 2012)

1. Attended in one day teaching workshop on the “Enhancing Student Learning: An Introduction to Scientific Teaching Approaches” with mentor: Professor Martha Groom. This seminar explain the great technique and trick to handle a big lecture (100-300 students).This seminar is one of series of integrative learning that built by a group of faculty in UW who very concern in lecture. Before the seminar, I attend in animal physiology class of Dr. Mary Path Wenderoth and biology class of Dr. Scott Freeman.

2. Attended in one day canvas software workshop. Canvas is a technical and general graphics drawing, imaging, and publishing (print and web) product from ACD Systems for personal computers. The software support the UW student e-learning for many years ago. In this workshop I learned how to use this software. It is really cool to figure out it, since it has a free version for the beginner and every one can try to use it.

The 7th week progress (29 October – 2 November 2012)

1. Visited to Oregon State University and discussed with Professor Taifo Mahmud, at the College of Pharmacology, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR. The purpose of this meeting is to figure out more detail regarding to the Prof. Mahmud study. His study concern in natural product of fungi, bacteria, etc that use for the key element of new drug of tropical disease including malaria and infectious disease such as tuberculosis. It is great chance since he use many natural product that take from Indonesia. One of his new products finding then molecularly modified into the new drug of malaria and tuberculosis. I hope this opportunity can be applied by some my colleague in Department of Pharmacy that has same studies with him.

2. Wrote a final report of Fulbright

3. Met to Dave Hunter from Crown Bees and Co. in weekly recharging seminar series with theme Bees, Pollination and Food Security Issues. I could learn many things from this lecture since Indonesia and US have different climate and specific pollinator for Indonesian crop or another agriculture product.

The 6th week progress (22-26 October 2012)
1. Keep writing an international collaborative project proposal between Indonesia and UW.

2. Keep writing a manuscript in the topic of ecology restoration of after tin mining.

3. Attending in inspirative and amazing lecture on Cellular Mechanism and Physiology of G Protein-Coupled Receptor at School of Medicine UW by Nobel Prize 2012 Winner, Prof. Brian Kobilka.

4. Meeting with Prof. Indroyono Soesilo, Secretary of the Coordinating Ministry for People's Welfare for the Republic of Indonesia, Senior Advisor on Climate Change and Ocean Issues, the discussion is concern in climate change in Indonesia and we consider for the adaptation

5. Attending trip to Vashon Island in Seattle. Visit in organic farm, discussion with local organic farmers, and get many experiences in order how to apply the animal science in the field of organic farm.

The 5
th week progress (15-19 October 2012)

1. Writing an international collaborative project proposal between Indonesia and UW.
2. Writing a manuscript in the topic of ecology restoration of after tin mining.

The 4th week progress

1. Continuing to write a international collaborative project proposal between Indonesia and UW.
2. Continuing to write a manuscript in the topic of ecology restoration of post-tin mining.

The 3rd week progress (1-5 October 2012)

1. Making a feasibility study of banteng conservation and re-domestication in Indonesia. A feasibility study looks at the viability of an idea with an emphasis on identifying potential problems of banteng in Indonesia (how, where, and to whom I intend to submit the proposal). It is important to assess the competition and figure out how much budget need to start research. I am planning to submit the proposal to the national grant resources and international grant resources.

2. Continuing discussed to Prof. Martha J. Groom regarding to the topic of ecology restoration. I am planning to write a paper on the thin post-mining ecology restoration of Bangka Belitung islands Indonesia.

The 2nd week progress (24 - 28 September 2012)

1. Consider for a wildlife conservation research in Indonesia, collaborating to Prof. Kyes and his group in Center for Global Field Study. Follow up: Writing proposal that will submit to get funding either local grant or international grant.

2. Gave a talk on "Leading to a University of Indonesia and University of Washington Collaboration: toward a Future Indonesia-US Network" in weekly Fulbright Scholar’s Seminar Series

3. Discussed to Prof. Groom regarding the topic of ecology restoration. Study how to implement conservation and ecology theories in the field, especially in islands ecology theory, in term of Indonesia.

4. Open eye seminar and lecture:
           a. Animal Physiology Lecture by Dr. Mary Pat Wenderoth who awarded the Distinguished Teaching Award UW 2001. In her class I can learn of teaching strategies in hundreds students. She can eliciting participation, questions, and even attention from a sea of faces in a large lecture
           b. Weekly Recharging Seminar in topic Educational Outreach by UW Vice Provost, Dr. David Szatmary. In this seminar I can learn of UW strategy to gain globalization in the world higher education.

The 1st week progress (17 - 21 September 2012)
1. I am grateful to Prof. Randall C. Kyes and his group in Center for Global Field Study for very nice welcome. They are wonderful people and made us feel right at home.
2. Preparing for the next week presentation.
3. Discussion with Dr. Peter Moran, Director of International Programs and Exchanges at the University of Washington (UW) regarding the current and condition of University of Indonesia (UI)-UW collaboration. Follow up --> need a next meeting: to explain the UI curriculum and study for international students.
4. Discussion with Prof. Sheri Mizumori, Head of Department of Psychology, UW in term of behavioral neuroscience research area regarding to neuroscicence research in animal and possibility to build a collaborative research. Follow up --> need a next meeting: to visit her laboratory and research activity to get a new idea of the field of animal neuroscience.
5. Discussion with Prof. Kyes to build a research proposal for USAID on the topic of health study. This research will be conducted by the Center for Global Field Study (CGFS) UW and Indonesia Reproductive Medicine Research and Training Center (INA-REPROMED) at UI.