Dr. Ir. Bakri, M.Sc
Faculty of Forestry, Hasanuddin University, Indonesia
e-mail : bakribakri10@yahoo.com

BIO                         Scholar Seminar Presentation (pdf)

Many ideas develop because many discussions develop. Ever since I set up my departure to University of Washington, Seattle, It’s been signaling me that I would have many valuable experiences of this program. This program is an example of how to boost the new thought in creating interlink among educational institutions of USA – Indonesia. This program allows my brain now is more unlocked to the how extremely great advance of educational system at USA as it is indicated by University of Washington. As I think about the future of my university education in Indonesia, I need to sharpen my understanding of what education in University of Washington is and what its staffs and educators do. Various academic topics in the recharging seminar series hosted by Center For Global Field Study – UW give me a deep and abounding understanding of the educational system at UW. Topics such as Educational Outreach, International Programs and Exchanges, University Information Technology, University Libraries, and Teaching Workshop are always interested to me and they represent the general outlook of how excellent of educational system at UW.

In addition, activities that are packed through some activities such as mentoring, on-campus tours/meeting, off-campus visit, other additional events, and explore around Seattle and King County make my dreams come true with so many new experiences. I believe, as this program surely provides many significant advantages not only for individual level but also for institutional level of participants, so do not stop the program in the future.

Finally, I must say Prof. Randy is the key man at the rear of the screen of this program because with him this program is progressing well. So, thank you very much for Prof. Randy and his team members.