Ir. Stephanus V. Mandagi, M.App,Sc, Ph.D
Sam Ratulangi University


My experiences at UW
First of all, I would like to thank DIKTI, Aminef, Fullbright, and IIE personels for their kind supports that enable me to do visiting program at University of Washington (UW) in Seatle. I would like to extend my appreciation to Prof Randal Kyes and his CGFS team who have done a tremendous work making this recharing program so inspiring, useful and enjoyable.

Today is my 45th day being in Seatle, particualry in UW. I have attended many activities so far, such as the on campus orientation, Tuesday & Thursday seminars (see event schedule at, observing learning processes, and social activities. The orientation was carried out prior to fall quarter kick off, it provides me all visiting scholars knowledge about facilities and services that would support us to do and enjoy our works. Thank you Mas Randy for a such a nice arrangement!

Furthermore, the Tuesday seminars by Indo-scholars have provided sufficient information about the scholars’ research projects and expertise and also their institutions. Some faculty and students of UW were interested and attend the seminars – hopefully this might help creating collaboration projects carried out in Indonesia. The Thursday presentation by faculty and top officials of UW that are so inspiring because their topics are about how UW become no. 4th university in the world. Most of the topics are interesting, such UW Information Technology system which includes how it helps the faculty delivering lectures that really help students to access and learn. The other interseting topic is about the online study system, that supported by advance systems, high human resource capacity as faculty and admin personnels, and sophisticated technology.

In terms of observing the learning processes, I and some other scholars have been invited to attend classes and seminars. we actively involved in discussions with UW graduate students. By involving in such activities, I got to know the learning strategies and facilities used in communication or transfer of knowlege. Also, I learned how the faculty and students prepare and actively engange in the classes. FYI, I have attended various classes, from a small class of 6 students to a big class of around 500 students. One of the seminars I attended is the seminar by a Nobel Prize Winner of 2012. The seminar was carried out at School of Medicine and Science, it was really amased me, because many students and faculty member filled in the seminar room, proofing how they really honor the best scientist and a very precious award in the world. This academic culture is a good example for improving the academic life in any higher education in Indonesia.

Finally, I have been involved in several socialisation activities including off campus activities. Meeting with some nice Indonesian family in a foreign country is somewhat very touching and unforgetable. I am made like at home by a group of Seatle – Surabaya sister city, led by Pak Greg, and a US -Indonesian family (Tom & Grace) who treat me like a member of their family, I do not know how to thank enough!

I still have one month to go, so more stories to come before I make a final conclusion and recomendations about this special ten weeks recharing program. This Tuesday its my turn to do a seminar...hopefully it will turn out good!