Ethics of Partnership Core


Ethics of Partnership Core

Members: Kelly Edwards, Dana Gold, Rose James, Amy Lemke, Susan Brown Trinidad, Michelle Montgomery, Kate West


Core Mission and Focus: Our Core focus is on Partnerships, including what makes them ethical and effective. Tools for this work are both practical (metrics and guidance for running productive meetings) and conceptual (what is the "spirit" of a partnership).


Guiding Questions: 

  • What makes partnerships work?
  • What evidence can you point to when they are working (or not working)?
  • How do we practice partnership on the ground?
  • What are you delivering when you are doing partnership development work?


Priority Projects and Deliverables for Core: Each project has a project lead who has responsibility for moving the project forward, with contributions from all Core members and, when ready for further input, vetting from other CGHE members.  We have been doing background work for all projects in the prior months and will continue over the next 6 months. 


  • CGHE Guiding Principles: Working toward statements of core commitments that can guide CGHE collaborations, priorities, and projects.
  • Evaluation toolbox: Developing a set of process and outcome measures for collaborations. 
  • The deliverables will be:
    • methods section for use in future grants
    • set of common practices to recommend for CGHE groups
    • broader set of resources and annotated/vetted tools for use by CGHE
  • Meeting practices:  Synthesizing best practices regarding running effective (productive and inclusive) meetings for CGHE use
  • Process for working up future grants.
  • Case Studies of Partnerships:  Summarize challenges, lessons learned, what partnership development work looks like on the ground in a manner that is confidential and potentially synthesized to help guide others.  Related to this effort is a Consultation Process (being a resource for others working with partnerships).
  • Framework for Research with AI/AN partners: Developing guidance for use by academic as well as community partners about effective research relationships.
  • Papers/Presentations
    • Abstracts submitted to ELSI Congress
    • Submitting work to CCPH Institute on Partnerships May 23-25 in Portland
    • Members have works-in-progress for publication over next 6 months
  • Resources for CBPR and collaborations.