• Health Disparities

    Follow this link for a brief tutorial on "Race, Ethnicity and Healthcare" created by the Kaiser family foundation. In the tutorial, Cara James, senior policy analyst at the Kaiser Family Foundation, examines the scope of health care disparities and how race and ethnicity affect health status, insurance coverage and access to health services. James also discusses major national proposals to eliminate disparities.

    CBPR- Community Based Participatory Research

    The goals of the CGHE include developing community partnerships for community-based participatory research (CBPR). CBPR is a collaborative process of research involving researchers and community representatives. In the process and products of research, it engages community members, uses local knowledge to understand health problems and design interventions, and invests community members in the processes and products of research. You will find the bibliography developed for the Center’s CBPR seminar during Summer 2006 here.

    During Summer 2006, CGHE Interns Emma Noyes and Lyndsey Nix developed an Endnote library for Community-Based Research done in partnership with tribes or indigenous communities. Articles were included if the research described could be considered CBPR, rather than research done on or about tribes. Emma Noyes updated the PubMed and Web of Science search in 2007, yielding a total of 305 articles. Researchers, students, or community members interested in utilizing the Endnote library, or who have suggestions for additions, can contact Kelly Edwards at You will find the complete Endnote database in the Intranet section of this website.

    CCPH, Campus Community Partnerships for Health's CPBR page