Policy & Health Economics in Public Health Video Series

In 2010, the Center for Genomics and Public Health hosted a Summer Institute for professionals interested in learning about genomic principles and how to integrate those principles into health practice and policy. The videos provide insights into the ways policy and genomics intersect and show how researchers and policy makers can use decision analysis when considering the adoption of new genomic technologies.

 While no specific background is necessary for viewing this series, we provide supplemental review materials for those interested in a refresher on fundamental microeconomics or biology concepts.


Health Policy

Description: Dr. Cindy Watts explains the roles that various stakeholders play in shaping public policy. She discusses the influence of legislators, market forces, and advocacy groups, and Dr.Watts also describes how public health professionals can frame problems in order to appeal to policymakers. 




Newborn Screening

Description: Catharine Riley, from the UW Institute for Public Health Genetics, examines Washington State's newborn screening policy. This segment dovetails with our first video on Health Policy by providing a focused exploration of the ways that policy impacts issues in public health genetics. This video also provides a preview of some of the economic concepts that are explored in more depth in the final two videos: Decision Analysis and Pharmacogenomics.


Decision Analysis and Pharmacogenomics

Decision Analysis

Description: Dr. Josh Carlson from the University of Washington discusses the role of formal decision analysis in public health. This lecture introduces key concepts that are later applied in the Pharmacogenomics video. Dr. Carlson describes specific steps of decision analysis, its application to public health, and its importance. While viewing this video, you may wish to have these supplemental materials (pdf) on hand.




Description: This segment on Pharmacogenomics is the direct continuation of Dr. Carlson's lecture on Decision Analysis. The lecture highlights specific applications of Pharmacogenomics through the lens of economics. While viewing this video, you may wish to have these supplemental materials (pdf) on hand.




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