Technical Assistance: How We Can Help You 

The Center for Genomics and Public Health has provided technical assistance to local, state, and regional public health organizations with regard to genomics and public health. Some examples include the following:

  • Provide resources relevant to genomics and public health.
  • Provide online training modules aimed at public health professionals and the general public on the applications of genomics in a public health setting.
  • Publish relevant articles on findings in public health.
  • Assist state and local health departments with genomics-related activities and initiatives.
  • Collaborate with other agencies and organizations on national initiatives aimed at integrating genomics in public health.
  • Identify speakers and/or topics specific to genomics for public health conferences and related events.
  • Disseminate accurate information about genomics, genomic applications, and population health to the public, policy makers, and the public health community.




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