Training and Online Lectures

The instructional materials in this section explain core concepts in public health genetics and genetic epidemiology for public health professionals and the interested public.

Genetic Awareness: The final report from the Secretary's Advisory Committee on Genetics, Health and Society (SACGHS) underscores the need for improved genomics education and training for the public health workforce. This module includes a link to the report and a video summarizing its contents.

Genomic Applications for Public Health Video Series: This series is geared toward public health professionals. The genetic epidemiology video highlights basic genomics tools and introduces key concepts. The BRFSS video explains what this surveillance system is and how genomic information can be used in public health practice.

Policy & Health Economics Video Series: This series is designed for professionals interested in learning about genomic principles and how to integrate those principles into health practice and policy. The four videos cover health policy, newborn screening, decision analysis, and pharmacogenomics.

Confounding by Population Stratification: This module is meant primarily for epidemiologists, but it can be adapted for discussion among public health professionals and students. It includes guided reading and an answer key.

Nutrigenomics: This video explores evidence for genetic influences on obesity and discusses nutrigenomics for public health practice. Presentation slides are included.

Genetic Epidemiology Methods Video Series: This 10-part video series, designed for epidemiology professionals and students, gives an in-depth description of several genetic epidemiology methods.










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