Resources, Fact Sheets and Links

The UW Center for Genomics and Public Health provides up-to-date information on genomics and what this new science means to health care and public health practice. In this section, you can find information on:

  • Tools for Public Health Professionals  provide resource guides,presentation and commentary to enable the incorporation of genomics into the public health workforce.

  • Spotlights and other short, informational segments provide general information on diseases with a genetic component and genetic tests to detect the conditions.

  • Publications: Center and Others includes a wide range of materials published by researchers affiliated with CGPH. The Center has a strong track record of peer-reviewed publications. We have also listed non-CGPH scientific articles on topics related to genomics.
  • Links to Other Resources  non-CGPH educational materials and resources. They have been selected from a wealth of outside resources based on their utility and value to public health professionals and categorized for ease of use.
  • Genetics in the News contains an archive of genetics-related news articles that have been featured on our website in the past.
  • Health Topics contains reports and working group activities published by the CGPH on various health conditions.

  • DNA Day includes a brief summary on the origins of the day and how it is commemorated.

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