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Harmonize for Hope was established in 1993 by Chip and Betsy Erwin to raise funds for muscular dystrophy research. Through a variety of community outreach activities, Harmonize for Hope facilitates direct contributions to the University of Washington Medical School’s leading-edge muscular dystrophy research team (previously at the University of Michigan's School of Medicine from 1993 to 2000). One hundred percent of donations directly further muscular dystrophy research.

We would like to thank everyone involved in Harmonize for Hope, especially its founders Chip and Betsy Erwin, for their dedication and continued support. Since establishment of Harmonize for Hope, Chamberlain lab has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from its supporters which has allowed the lab to grow and increase efficiency. Some of the brightest young minds have been enticed by the most up-to-date technology and equipment offered here in our lab due to the group’s generous contributions.

Contributions have been spent in pursuit of expediting the process necessary to complete our research goals, recruiting the best of the best to join our team through superior resources, and in sharing the information with other groups involved in the endeavor to cure muscular dystrophy so that collaborative efforts might benefit all involved.

Harmonize for Hope invites individuals, families and organizations interested in furthering the work of the Chamberlain lab to partner with the group. Currently, Harmonize for Hope is distributing its muscular dystrophy silicone blue HOPE bracelet to raise awareness of MD and fund work being done at the Chamberlain lab. Many kids and interested adults are organizing sales at their schools, speaking to assemblies, reaching out to their places of worship and sports team to market the bracelets. The muscular dystrophy silicone blue HOPE bracelet program has been very successful in spreading the word about the Chamberlain lab and recruiting people interested in joining the fund raising team to cure muscular dystrophy.

To learn more about Harmonize for Hope and the muscular dystrophy blue HOPE bracelet (pictured below) visit

Harmonize for Hope Board of Directors

Chip and Betsy Erwin, Co-Chairs
Larry & Kathleen Acker
Bill & Dottie Holmes

Sam & Fran Talsma
David & Kristi Wanders
Todd & Julie Wells

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