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The Apex Foundation

In December of 2000, the Chamberlain lab relocated from Michigan to Washington State with the help and support of the Apex Foundation. The Foundation had contributed to the funding of the research at the University of Michigan Medical School and was instrumental in this move, which provided much-needed additional space and proximity to some of the great minds in muscular dystrophy research as well as premier treatment facilities in the Seattle area.

We would like to thank the Apex Foundation for all of their support and for making it possible for us to join the University of Washington's School of Medicine here in Seattle. It has been a challenging and satisfying endeavor moving from the University of Michigan's Medical School to Seattle, and has proven to be a wonderful opportunity to improve our facilities and expand our collaborations with many exemplary researchers working on muscular dystrophy in the areas of neurology, hematology, and genetics. We sincerely appreciate all that you have done for us and hope that we will be able to manifest that appreciation into advancements in the treatment of muscular dystrophy and ultimately a cure.

Please accept our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude until we may better repay your generosity.

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